Hive WR Member Meetup #3

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Date(s) - Wed, Jul 26, 2017
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Descendants Beer and Beverage Co

It’s summer time and we are looking to get inspired!

The Lightning Talks will introduce you to some amazing people in our region who are inspiring explorations in tech either at home, the classroom, or the local museum, while others are working making sure we don’t leave people out in our community.

Hear first hand stories on inspiring students to code from elementary teacher Scott McKenzie, a savvy mom’s takeaways from attending a Hive code drop-in with her young daughter, safeguarding your digital footprint with educator Carlo Fusco, a whirl through tech concepts to get excited about, animated by Brent Wettlaufer of the Underground Studio, and arts and tech inspiration from Alice Cecile showing her invention that brings Machine Learning to the Arts.

Plus get the scoop on the Digital Kitchener strategy’s digital inclusion initiative from planner Justin Watkins, and hear about the pros and cons of gentrification in downtown being explored in a university study Hive is the community partner from the project coordinator Darya Berezhnova. (More about the speakers below.)

Be sure to register below and join us on July 26th at Descendants! We’ll provide the snacks. Descendants has a tasty beverage menu of locally crafted sodas and of course, very delicious beers available for purchase. We can’t wait to toast the summer with you! Please register now below.

6:30pm Registration
7:00pm Lightning Talks
7:30pm Meet and Mingle, with a little collaborative plotting, cunning planning…


Lightning Talks Speakers

Alice Cecile: Machine Learning and the Arts

Alice Cecile

Alice’s talk focuses on unconventional uses for machine learning: how creative types can find a use for complex models when prediction isn’t the goal. Alice will share her work on applying machine learning to the development of a design or art project. See how using deep generative models for art work can expand the artist’s ability to explore ideas.

Alice Cecile is an inventor and polymath. She’s done research in Complex Systems Ecology at the University of Guelph and is now the founder of Dreaming Machines, a brand-new startup that’s bringing AI to artists.

Brent Wettlaufer: 300 Seconds

Brent Wettlaufer is the Underground Studio Coordinator at THEMUSEUM and has dealt with a problem over the past seven months: how does one spark further engagement with digital literacy topics if only given a five minute window? In this three hundred second interactive talk, he will cover Asimov’s Laws of Robotics, Object-Oriented Programming, the concept of the algorithm, advances in modern rapid prototyping, and maybe, just maybe, one of those things will stick. His guess will be the cardboard costume involved.

Carlo Fusco: Your Hidden Trail


Our digital footprint leaves a hidden trail online. Instead of being frightened by it, it is important to be proactive in controlling our personal narrative. Carlo will share his experience helping his teacher colleagues, students and parents get control of the trail they leave online. Carlo Fusco is a Teacher-Librarian at Waterloo Collegiate Institute, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He has always been passionate about the use of technology to enhance student learning. He is currently the Co-Chair of the Bring IT Together Conference in Niagara Falls. You can also find him on Twitter @mrfusco.

Scott McKenzie: Creative Power of Coding

Scott will share his experience on the creative power of coding, how it inspires students to be makers, rather than merely consumers in the classroom. Scott is a big advocate for adapting the use of code concepts and apps for all aspects of the curriculum, from language arts, communications, math and science. You can see some of his work in action on his blog and follow him on Twitter @ScottMcKenzie27


Victoria Raab:  Mom’s Influence

Victoria is no stranger tech and is an active Twitter user. Recently she brought her daughter to a Hive WR learn to code drop-in for kids. It opened her eyes as to how as a mom she can encourage her daughter to explore technology so that it remains an opportunity she keeps open as she gets older. You can follow Victoria on Twitter @PR_Victoria.

Justin Watkins: Digital Kitchener Strategy and Digital Inclusion

Digital Kitchener Strategy

Justin is the Interim Manager, Business Relations and Solutions Delivery, in the Finance department of the City of Kitchener. He has been on the Digital Kitchener team for the past couple years, soliciting input from the public and staff as to what that means. The Digital Kitchener strategy was formally adopted by city council in January of this year. One of its major themes is Inclusion. Justin will share with us what that means and how organizations like Hive are critical to its vision.

Darya (Dasha) Berezhnova: Downtown Kitchener Gentrification Study

Earlier this year Hive Waterloo Region joined as the Community Partner in a study on the effects – both positive and negative – of the changes and growth in downtown Kitchener. The study is being conducted by a partnership of three academic institutions in Canada, the University of Waterloo, Ryerson University, and the University of Northern BC. Dasha will be sharing some highlights from a community input session that occurred last month. You can read an overview of the project on the Hive WR blog.


Hive WR Member Meetup #3


  1. I am hoping to attend this meeting. The website says sales have ended. Can you let me know how to attend?

    • Hi Louise, apologies for that, was a setting error. It was fixed so you can register. Please also just come! thank you!! June

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