What does a physicist need to be able to do and other science secrets

Bel Sainz wants you to know that physicists are normal people, too, with challenges we can all relate to. Bel is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Perimeter Institute. In her job as a quantum researcher she has dealt with some common issues being a woman in a male dominated field, but she says things are changing! At Meetup #4 she will be sharing what women in her field are doing to help each other address bias, and the work she is doing in quantum research. She also answers the question does anyone really understand quantum physics, in this chat we had in advance of the meetup. How did you become a physicist? It was a mistake – I really liked math, but I didn’t want to study math itself. I thought physics would give me an excuse to use math in a fun way. I was right, physics is a fun […]

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