Local Digital Literacy Resources

Although HiveWR is closing its doors, many organizations have sprung up addressing digital literacy and digital inclusion in Waterloo Region. Here are some of the ones we know about.

Workshops and Training

Several organizations offer paid workshops, training and camps related to STEM.

The following organizations offer most of their programs for children, but there are occasionally adult programs too.

The following organizations offer most of their programs for adults, but sometimes hold child-centred events:

Each of the local library systems also has extensive programming related to digital inclusion and literacy, including 1-1 computer support and different classes. Most of these activities are free of charge. The links below are to (often very busy) events calendars, which you can filter to suit your interests.


Seminars and Conversation

The following local groups focus on diversity and digital inclusion:

The following groups cover a wider range of topics, but sometimes touch on digital literacy and inclusion:


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