Learning Resources

We will be greatly expanding this selection of resources over the coming year to suit different needs. Contact us if you can help or have recommendations for sites we should include. 

Getting started learning to code is easy! Here are some resources to get started:


Learn to Code

Whether it’s for your children or yourself, these FREE apps are a fun way to learn to code. Start with the Hour of Code puzzles, then learn Scratch, and move on to code projects with Thimble. You can view them all as an HTML page, or download our Learn to Code Handout for these sites and others to take your coding experience to another level. Please share!

Intro to Scratch

Introduction to Scratch Ball Game

This Introduction to Scratch Ball Game tutorial, created by Hackademy, is a fun way to explore coding with the easy drag-and-drop environment of Scratch. Once you’ve mastered this tutorial you can start planning your own games.


Learn to Code Apps for Kids!

Here we’ve collected some of the best coding games and programming apps designed just for kids! (Adults will like them, too.) Most of these apps are free to download, so start coding!

For Age 5 and Under:

Lightbot JrLightbot Jr.

Lightbot is a fun, interactive game that allows kids to program a robot to move around a grid. Kids will be introduced to programming concepts such as loops and if-then statements by solving puzzles. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle.

Scratch Jr.Scratch Jr

Scratch Jr. enables young children to program personal games and interactive stories. This introductory programming language involves connecting programming blocks to create, edit and animate characters called Sprites.

PBS Kids Scratch JrPBS Kids Scratch Jr. 

With PBS KIDS Scratch Jr., kids can create their own interactive stories and games featuring their favorite characters from Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, WordGirl and Peg + Cat! The storytelling possibilities are endless with this creative coding app for children ages 5-8.

For Age 6 and Up:

Hour of Code with Anna and ElsaHour Of Code

The Hour of Code is a challenge promoted during Computer Science Education Week in December. Thousands of schools and organizations put on #HourOfCode events through the week using these coding puzzles created by Code.org. They work in partnership with companies to produce appealing activities that feature characters from Frozen, Star Wars, and even Minecraft. These puzzles are a great place to start your coding adventure!


Lightbot is a fun, interactive (and local to Waterloo Region!) game that lets kids program a robot to move around and light up. Programming concepts such as loops and if-then statements are introduced through puzzle logic and design. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and Kindle.

ScratchScratch from MIT

Scratch allows you to program personal games, interactive stories and animations. You can create characters (aka Sprites) and share your creations online. Scratch encourages creative thinking and reasoning skills.

Erase All KittensErase All Kittens

Erase All Kittens is a fantasy game that teaches beginner programmers HTML and CSS. The goal is to find and save kittens! This game appeals to children of all ages.

App Inventorapp-inventor

MIT’s App Inventor is an online block-building programming tool that enables users to build first time apps for Android devices. This simple program allows you to build an app in under one hour! Don’t have an Android device? There is an emulator you can download on the site.

Microsoft Hour of Code Touch Developtouchdevelop

Learn to code by fixing a broken video game featuring a flying robot that tries to avoid obstacles in its path!

Microsoft Learn to Code The Birth of BotMicrosoft Touch Develop Mobile

Build a mobile game from scratch. Based on the robot video game in TouchDevelop with advanced features.

CODExist-BirthofBotMicrosoft Learn to Code Bot Levels Up

Add new elements to the robot video game you created in The Birth of Bot following this online tutorial.

Learn To Mod modify Minecraft

Learn to Mod

Learn how to modify the popular computer game Minecraft! Users start programming using the building-block method and advance to Javascript, learning from puzzles and video tutorials. You are given a private server where you have complete control over your mods, including sharing your code and remixing others’ creations.